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Xero Training

Tailored Xero Courses and Training on the Northern Beaches & Sydney Surrounds

Looking for Xero training in Sydney or on the Northern Beaches or North Shore, we can help.

We offer One on One Xero training, basic bookkeeping and a small group Xero course tailored to your specific small business requirements.

We provide face to face one on one Xero training and small group Xero training courses to suit your specific requirements. Learn the basics of accounting with our included basic bookkeeping course.

Our professional trainer provides Xero training in our office in Belrose on the Northern Beaches of Sydney or via Zoom.

Coralie is a current working BAS Agent, Xero Gold Partner and  Certified Xero Advisor.

After teaching at Tafe for a number of years, Coralie knows how to adjust your training to suit your individual business needs and learning styles.

Check out the following video for some great Xero tips and tricks.

Sometimes, sitting down with a Xero professional with real world bookkeeping experience is the best option.

One on One Xero Training

Our preference is for one on one Xero training. The training is tailored specifically to your business needs and your individual learning style.

More information:

  • One on one practical 2 hour Xero training session – from our experience, this is the maximum time before you need a break. 
  • Payroll and Single Touch Payroll training should be booked in as a separate 2 hour session. Check out our Xero Payroll and STP Single Touch Payroll Training page for more information.
  • Our Xero training is provided by a Xero Gold Partner, experienced bookkeeper and BAS agent who uses Xero everyday for many different businesses in many different industries
  • Coralie trains individuals according to their different learning styles
  • You receive a printed instruction manual for future reference
  • We provide ongoing email and telephone support
  • Book in for a quick follow up session if you need to
  • Completion certificate provided if required

Bring a friend or colleague

Bring one friend or colleague along for support. Sometimes they will remember something important that you don’t.

  • Call now on 0423 879 056 or email us via our contact page.
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Xero Payroll Training Course

Learn all about setting up payroll, employees and superannuation in your Xero accounting software.

Learn how to run a payrun and send out payslips to your employees.

Get set up on Xero for Single Touch Payroll.

Pay your superannuation through the Xero auto super clearing house.

Check out our Xero Payroll and STP Single Touch Payroll Training page for more information.

Virtual Xero Training

Take advantage of our Zoom virtual training option if that is more convenient for you..

Coralie Downie - Xero Trainer, Certified Xero Advisor & Ex Tafe Teacher
Coralie Downie – Xero Trainer, Certified Xero Advisor & Ex Tafe Teacher

Coralie Downie – Qualified Trainer and Certified Xero Advisor 

Our Xero Training is provided by Coralie Downie.

Coralie is a very experienced, qualified bookkeeper who runs her Northern Beaches Bookkeeping Solutions business out of Belrose on the Northern Beaches.

She is a registered BAS agent so she understands GST and your bookkeeping needs.

Coralie is a Xero Certified Advisor and her business currently holds Xero Gold Partner status due to the number of clients who are using Xero and the number of years’ experience working with Xero accounting software.

As a qualified ex Tafe teacher with experience teaching MYOB and  Microsoft Office Products, Coralie understands individuals have different styles of learning and adjusts her training to their needs.

Coralie holds Cert IV in Training & Assessment. This is the highest vocational course available for anyone wishing to provide training services within their organisation.

Xero Course

We prefer to offer one on one Xero training because we think it works best for most individuals however, we do offer Xero courses for up to four participants.

Xero is best learnt with practical participation.

More about our training courses:

  • Four hours of specialist Xero training 
  • Printed instruction manuals for future reference
  • Limited email and telephone support
  • Completion certificates provided if required
  • Access to additional training at an additional cost

What does your Xero Training Course include:

Our Xero training is tailored to your specific accounting needs but may include:

  • an introduction to the back end setup of your Xero datafile including the organisational settings, financial settings, chart of accounts, etc – this forms part of our initial Xero setup which is usually the first step for new Xero users or if you have been using Xero for a while, it is included in our Xero Health Check
  • if you have been using Xero for a while, have your specific questions answered, we understand online videos and email support don’t always work
  • customise your invoice or quote to suit your business requirements
  • customise your default email templates to save yourself time and look professional
  • code off and reconcile your transactions coming in on the bank feed in Xero
  • set up bank rules for the bank feeds to save time on coding
  • accept credit card payments from your customers without a huge cost


Basic Bookkeeping Course

As part of your Xero courses and One on One Xero Training, we offer a free Basic Bookkeeping Course so you can learn the important aspects of accounting for Small Business.

  • keep track of who owes you money at any point in time so you can follow them up
  • learn what to do with all those receipts and bills you have accumulated over the years
  • keep track of who you owe money to at any point in time so you can understand your cashflow position
  • learn about your chart of accounts so you know what an asset or liability is and what it means to your business
  • learn about the importance of your Gross Profit
  • understand what a Profit & Loss statement is and the importance of this report to understand the health of your business
  • understand the importance of a Balance Sheet and knowing what it is actually telling you about your business


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Ongoing telephone & email support after you complete your Xero training

We provide ongoing telephone & email support after your Xero training session or Xero training course with us. It is always good to have someone to ask a quick question when you get stuck.


Notes for Future Reference

Need some notes for future reference. Take home our training notes on Xero and basic bookkeeping for easy reference.

You might like to check out some Online Training Videos


Xero Course Certificate

A training course certificate will be provided on completion of your training session if requested to recognise your new skills.


Xero Training Service Area

Our office is located in Belrose and we provide Xero training to all areas of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs especially the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Free No Obligation Consultation

We offer a free no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.