Xero Payroll Setup & Training

Xero Payroll Setup and Xero Payroll Training

Need a Xero expert to help with setting up Xero payroll and provide Xero payroll training?

Xero payroll setup, training and support for small businesses on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We can help with setting up and training on Xero payroll, including employees, pay rates, pay calendars, pay templates, and superannuation. Send out payslips, file STP, pay your superannuation quickly and easily.

For most small business, xero payroll setup is a bit of a nightmare, there is so much paperwork and compliance involved. We can assist with setting up your payroll right from the beginning, running payruns, setting up your superannuation and filing your STP pay events easily.

  • We can provide you with our  new employee pack to you so you can make sure you have all of the necessary information from your employees and point you in the right direction for the correct award to pay them under.
  • We can either run your pays for you or check that your pays have been run correctly and answer any questions you may have.
  • We can also assist with superannuation and single touch payroll.

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Xero Payroll Setup and Training

Payroll Settings

  • Set up your back end organisational payroll settings in Xero
  • Set up pay calendars
  • Set up pay items
  • Set up earnings rates
  • Set up superannuation
  • Set up leave entitlements
  • Set up Single Touch Payroll or STP

Adding Employees

  • Set up a new employee, enter their personal information
  • Set up their tax obligations correctly
  • File their TFN declaration directly to the ATO through Xero
  • Set up leave entitlements
  • Invite your employees into Xero Me so they can enter their own leave.
  • Set up your employees’ pay template so it is easy to process your payrun

Leave Entitlements

  • Understand how leave entitlements are set up in Xero.
  • What are your employees’ entitlements if they are casual, permanent part time or full time employees.
  • Learn how to enter leave requests, approve or reject leave requests entered in directly by your employees.
  • Check that the leave is accruing correctly.


  • Understand how timesheets work in Xero.
  • Set up timesheets for your employees so they can enter their own times on their smart phone for you to approve.
  • Learn how to reject an incorrect timesheet and create a new one.
  • Learn how timesheets feed into your Xero payrun

Running a payrun

  • Run a scheduled payrun using the employee templates or timesheets
  • Check that the leave is accruing correctly on the payrun
  • Post your payrun in Xero
  • Send out payslips to your employees
  • File your payrun to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll
  • Run an unscheduled payrun when you have missed somebody or need to amend a payrun that has already been filed to the ATO under Single Touch Payroll and it can’t be amended
  • Learn how to reconcile the wages run and the wages paid and how it all works in your Xero accounts.

Payroll Reporting

  • View a wide range of payroll reports to get valuable information
  • Run a payroll activity report
  • Run a leave transaction report
  • Run superannuation reports
  • Run a report to check that you have paid your employees correctly
  • Export payroll reports into Excel or print them out to pdf

Payroll Obligations

  • Understand your payroll obligations
  • Learn where to find the award and classification you need to pay your employees
  • Know what paperwork you need to have and to keep for seven years
  • Understand the security needed for TFN declarations and employees’ personal information
  • Understand how PAYG withheld from employees’ pays needs to be paid to the tax office
  • Understand your superannuation liabilities
  • Set up the easiest way to pay funds to various superfunds for your employees 
  • Learn about STP finalisation which replaces the need for group certificates or payment summaries

Single Touch Payroll – Xero Payroll Only Option

Xero have introduced a payroll only option if you are running your accounts on another system but need to be STP compliant. You can pay $10 a month for this Xero subscription for up to 4 employees. Please contact us if you would like some assistance. You can check out this plan at the following link: