One on One Xero Training and Xero Training Courses

  • We specialise in One on One Xero accounting training in Belrose in Sydney.

  • Our Training Qualifications include:

  • Xero Certified Gold Consultant

  • Xero Champion

  • Experienced Trainer

  • Ex Tafe Teacher

  • Experienced Bookkeeper

  • Experienced BAS Agent

Our aim is to show small business owners, bookkeepers and anyone else interested in Xero the benefits and time saving options that are availableXERO Training - Sydney in this exciting new online accounting software.

We have been using Xero accounting software for many years for a variety of different businesses so we have a good understanding of what you need as a small business and we definitely know our way around Xero.

  • We can assist you in setting up Xero correctly in the first place so it is easier to use. Did you sign up for the free trial and then realise it all looked a bit overwhelming?  We can show you how to use it so it saves you time and effort and let you get back to more important things. We can show you how to:

  • Raise invoices in the system, email them out and keep track of who has paid you easily.

  • See when someone has opened the invoice.

  • Send out automatic reminders on a 7,14 or 21 day or other basis, there is nothing better than getting an email from a client saying they are sorry they overlooked your invoice and they have just paid and you haven’t actually had to do anything yourself to get this great response.

  • Input bills or supplier invoices into the system and make batch payments so you only need to upload one file to the bank and it will distribute all of your payments for you plus send out remittance advices at the same time.

  • Code and reconcile all of your transactions on a timely basis quickly once you have some bank rules setup to take advantage of the automatic feeds coming in from your bank overnight. Or, if you need to code all of your transactions for last year’s accounts, we can do that fairly quickly by using cash coding. Don’t spend time entering all of your transactions for last year yourself, you may have a better and more efficient option available depending on which bank you are with.

One On One Xero Accounting Setup and Training – Sydney:

We offer one on one Xero help, training and assistance at a time convenient to you in our office in Belrose.

We no longer offer the monthly training course as we have actually found that there is more demand for one on one training because that way we can deal specifically with individual business’ accounts, it is more relevant and hands on. Xero is a practical program that is best learnt by using it for your own business.

We generally complete the initial Xero datafile setup in our office in Belrose. You are welcome to sit and watch whilst we set it up so you can provide us with the information we require plus you can see where you may need to come back to later but there is not a lot of hands on practical training during this initial setup phase.

We will generally bring in your missing bank transactions to work on and do some training but it really is best for you to use the program for a couple of weeks and then come back for some further training setting up bank rules, coding off transactions and running reports, etc and most importantly, what to do if you have made a mistake or even more important, how do you know if you have made any mistakes.


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