Xero Pricing

How much does Xero cost each month?

Xero monthly subscription pricing is based on the number of employees you currently have starting at $54 including GST per month (from 23 September 2021) which includes payroll for up to 2 employees.

We recommend the Premium 5 plan though if you have 2 employees as it includes the Xero auto superannuation option which is invaluable for saving you time and it provides a great audit trail and makes reconciling your super payments so much easier. The cost of this monthly subscription will be $70 including GST from 23 September 2021.

This plan includes up to 5 employees.

For businesses with more than 5 employees but under 10, then the monthly subscription would be $80 including GST.

For businesses with more than 10 employees but under 20, then the monthly subscription would be $100 including GST.

Xero Certified Partner Discounts and Subscription Holders

We can offer lower partner only plans starting from $25 a month if you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Conditions apply.

As Certified Xero Advisors, we usually have access to special promocodes during your 30 day trial period or at other certain times that allow us to offer special discounts for a certain period, usually 5 or 6 months at 50% off. This discount moves to you once we set up your Xero file and invite you to take over the Xero subscription.

We believe the software subscriber should always be you as you are the business owner and you should always be in control of your software and who has access to it at all times. For this reason, we do not offer Xero subscription discounts on an ongoing basis as part of our fixed price bookkeeping packages.

Xero Accounting Software Plans and the Benefits

If you look at the price per month, consider the fact  that the cost may only be one hour of your time each month if that and you will be amazed at how many hours you will save. We don’t work on a commission basis with Xero, we just like the program so much we want you to take advantage of the new technology to save yourself time and energy.

Xero is a good software program but only if it is setup correctly from the beginning with your organisation settings, email settings, invoice settings and bank rules specifically designed for your business.

Xero Set Up Special Offer

Looking at moving over to Xero or setting up your new business on Xero, we can help with setting you up on Xero, our preferred accounting software.

If you are currently working on another accounting software, we can convert your file over to Xero and should have you up and running in no time.

Single Touch Payroll $10 a month

Xero have introduced a payroll only option for up to 4 employees if you need to be STP compliant but are running your books on another system.

You will find more information on Xero’s website or contact us for assistance and set up.