Fixed Fee Packages

Great for monthly budgeting & stress free

Xero Pricing

How much will Xero cost each month?

Xero pricing is based on the number of employees you currently have starting at $50 per month including GST, for more information please visit or give us a call. There are some cashbook only options available through Xero Partners however, we only offer these to regular clients.

If you look at the price per month, consider the fact  that the cost may only be one hour of your time each month if that and you will be amazed at how many hours you will save. We don’t work on a commission basis with Xero, we just like the program so much we want you to take advantage of the new technology to save yourself time and energy.

Xero is a good software program but only if it is setup correctly from the beginning with your organisation settings, email settings, invoice settings and bank rules specifically designed for your business. We now offer a one off Xero Health Check if you would like to make sure your Xero software has been setup correctly.

Single Touch Payroll $10 a month

Xero have introduced a payroll only option for up to 4 employees if you need to be STP compliant but are running your books on another system. if you need help setting this up, please contact us. You can check out this plan at the following link:

Please give us a call on 0423 879 056 to discuss your options.