Not sure whether to go with MYOB or Xero for your bookkeeping needs?

We find it really depends on your individual requirements so would not say straight out which one is better for you without some initial consultation. Whilst we now prefer Xero software for our bookkeeping practice and our clients are mostly on Xero, we do still have a few clients who work on MYOB Essentials or MYOB Accountright Live. MYOB is trying to move all of its customers away from the old desktop versions onto the newer more expensive current live versions so eventually the desktops versions will no longer work. It does make sense to move to the newer versions of any accounting software as they have better options and bells and whistles. However, you may not need all that the newer versions have to offer and may decide now is a good time to switch over to Xero which is purely a cloud based software which you can log into on any device and does not need any software which needs to be updated continuously. We still think MYOB is a better option if you have inventory and need to build inventory items whereas Xero uses various add on partners to deal with this type of inventory. Xero does have a basis inventory or stock management system which may suit a lot of small or medium sized businesses.

With Xero, you can invite your staff into their payroll function where they can enter timesheets and allocate their time against certain jobs plus they can request annual leave or sick/carers leave and you get to approve it.

There is a whole lot more so if you wish to see if Xero or MYOB is the right software for you, please contact Coralie on 0423 879 056 or send us an inquiry via our contact form.

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