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Jan 29

Using MyGov

From the end of March you won’t be able to use AUSkey to access the business portal, it is being replaced because it hasn’t kept up with modern technology. Follow this link to find out more:

Feb 16

Is it a scam call?

Story: You get a phone call. The caller says they’re from the ATO. They want you to pay a debt (which you know nothing about), or are asking for your personal details.

But it doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe the caller:

  • is aggressive
  • threatens that if you don’t pay you will be arrested and sent to jail, or
  • tries to make you call another number outside normal business hours.

Or maybe you have received an email or SMS offering you a tax refund or asking for personal details, but it just smells wrong.

What to do if you think it is a scam?

You need to check it out.

If you get a phone call, ask the caller for:

  • their full name and extension number
  • their team leader’s full name and extension number.

You can the ATO on 1800 008 540 to verify that the caller is from the ATO.

Feb 16

Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel tax credit rates increased on 4 February in line with fuel excise indexation.

If you claim less than $10,000 in fuel tax credits per year, next time you calculate your claim just use the rate that applies at the end of that BAS period.

You can also use our simplified record keeping method, making it easier to keep accurate records to calculate and support your claims. Keeping on top of your record keeping will give you an accurate picture of how your business is going.

Remember, registered tax agents and BAS agents can help you with your tax.

See more information on the ATO website:—business/rates—business/?utm_campaign=ftc0219&utm_source=sbn&utm_medium=article

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Jan 20


What does a bookkeeper do?

A good Northern Beaches bookkeeper will:

Stop you spending your nights and weekends working on your accounts

Manage your paperwork so you don’t have a shoebox full of receipts

Record your daily transactions on a regular basis using cloud based accounting software

Provide current reporting so you know how your business is performing

Help you see your real-time cash position

Manage accounts receivables or trade debtors so you know who owes you money at any point in time

Manage accounts payables or trade creditors so you know how much you owe at any point in time

Prepare and lodge your BAS on time

Help you to put aside funds to pay your BAS and tax on time

Liaise with your accountant to make sure you are claiming all that you are entitled to

Make BAS and tax time easy for you

Jan 10

Uniforms & PPE

Wearing a uniform is part of the job, it’s just one of those things you have to pay for, right?
… probably not.

Most awards require employers to pay for uniforms and protective clothing (e.g. aprons and steel cap boots).

For example, if you’re covered by the Retail or Fast Food awards you must be given (or reimbursed for) any uniform or protective clothing you’re required to wear.

Your employer should also pay an allowance to cover washing costs and replace uniforms due to normal wear and tear.

This doesn’t include general dress standards required by an employer, such as clothing that must be a certain colour or clothing that is clean and in good condition.

So before you spend your hard earned on the new company shirt, check your award to find out what your entitlements are:…/uniforms-vehicle-and-travel-e…

If you’re covered by an enterprise agreement or registered agreement you can check your entitlements here:

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