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What is a bookkeeper?

What is a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper works as an integral part of your team to manage your business paperwork and ATO compliance so you can get on with running your business.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. – Wikipedia

 A bookkeeper is a ‘keeper of the books’. Bookkeeping isn’t just historical processing. Bookkeeping is “integrated business system management”. – Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

For us it means keeping track of and recording your day to day business transactions into an easy to use accounting software program so that you can run meaningful reports to track how your business is performing on a current basis.

It also means that you are ready to prepare your Business Activity Statements on time without a mad rush to get your accounts up to date. No business owner needs that sort of stress and it shouldn’t still be happening with the new technology available these days.

It also means that your accounts are nice and tidy and ready for your accountant at year end to prepare your income tax return which should save you money on accounting fees.

What does a Bookkeeper do?

  • Managing your paperwork efficiently
  • Recording your daily transactions on a regular basis
  • Using cloud based software so you can work anywhere or take payments on the go
  • Having access to current reporting so you know how your business is performing
  • Understanding your real-time cash position
  • Following up on your debtors so you get paid faster
  • Knowing how much you owe right now to your suppliers
  • Lodging your BAS and tax returns on time
  • Having funds available to pay your BAS and tax returns on time
  • Collaborating with your accountant and bookkeeper to minimise your tax and make sure you are claiming all that you are entitled to

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

  • Save yourself time so you can concentrate on your business or spend more time with your family and friends.
  • Save yourself money by hiring a professional who knows what they are doing. We have many years of experience in bookkeeping, BAS and Xero accounting software.
  • Be certain that you are covered down the track should the ATO come calling.
  • Bookkeeping is a tax deduction and is part of running your business and with us you only pay for what you need.
  • Have less stress as all of your bookkeeping and BAS will be taken care of for you on a regular basis and all of your returns will be lodged on time.
  • Be assured that we understand GST and the Australian Taxation system as all of our work is performed in Australia creating jobs for local residents.
  • Your information is always kept safe as we are local Sydney bookkeepers.
  • We are not a large number crunching franchise or a one man band with no back up option.
  • We are a small team of local Northern Beaches residents with someone always available to assist you in a friendly and personal manner.
  • You can pop into our office to meet us and have a chat about your business, have some xero training or drop off paperwork if you need to.

Ready for a bookkeeper?

Have a look at our bookkeeping services page to see how we can help you or give us a call now to discuss your personalised requirements or email us here to get started. You will wonder why you waited so long.