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Xero Bookkeeping Sydney

Not just another Bookkeeper – what makes us different?

We are not just another Sydney bookkeeping service, we love what we do and want to provide the easiest and most efficient bookkeeping solution for you. We make sure we understand your business and how you prefer to do things right from the beginning. Then we work out the best bookkeeping solution for you using the most up to date cloud based technology. The hardest part for you will be taking photos of receipts on your phone or forwarding emails with attached bills to an email we set up for you in a program called Receipt Bank. Next we code off your transactions making sure to ask the right questions to make sure we code them correctly so you don’t miss out on any business related expenses. We are always on the look out for anything that looks unusual. We also prepare financial reports for you on a regular basis, we know how to read them and understand what the figures mean in real life and we can help you understand them. We can alert you early to anything that needs attention because of our many years of experience working on many different businesses in many different industries. We don’t just do data entry, we offer a full proactive bookkeeping solution for you and your business. The only thing we can’t do is prepare your year end income tax return. It is good to have two sets of eyes on your books so between us and your accountant, you should be in the best position possible.

Why should you hire a qualified bookkeeper and BAS Agent?

The benefits include:

  • Saving yourself time – you get to spend more time with your family and friends, don’t work all day and then come home and work all night on your paperwork. We make sure we understand your business so we can implement the easiest and most practical bookkeeping solutions for you.
  • Saving yourself money – we make sure you claim all the GST you are entitled to, it is better to claim the 10% GST in your BAS than make a mistake and only claim a percentage of the cost at year end as a tax deduction. We don’t just do data entry, we are proactive, we ask the right questions to find out the right answers, we don’t just code off your transactions without input from you.
  • Saving yourself stress – why stress about having your bookkeeping up to date when your BAS or tax is due, we can have it all up to date plus take care of preparing and lodging your Business Activity Statement (BAS). Let us be the one worrying about when your BAS is due, once you are on our list, we will make sure that your BAS is prepared and lodged on time.
  • Having everything ready for your accountant at year end so it doesn’t cost you so much in accounting fees, it should just be a case of a few minor adjustments at year end.
  • Having current financial information about how your business is performing to assist with budgeting and cashflow. We can set up budgets for you and explain what your financial reports actually mean.
  • You get to spend time running and growing your business, something you are passionate about, while we get to do your bookkeeping, something we are passionate about.

We specialise in Xero accounting software.

We are Xero Gold Partners and Certified Xero Advisors.

We assist many clients with various businesses, especially tradies and builders all over Sydney, especially the Northern Beaches.

All of our work is carried out locally on the Northern Beaches in Sydney with local staff, we do not outsource any of our services overseas.

Our prices may not be as low as some other advertised bookkeeping services who outsource their work but our knowledge of the Australian tax law is unquestionable and the quality of our work is guaranteed.

Xero Bookkeeping Services include:

Xero Setup Northern Beaches Sydney

We will set your business up on Xero accounting software or convert your current file over to Xero if possible.

The setup takes place in our Sydney office during a two hour session with limited training included dependant on the time available.

Please visit our Xero Setup page for more information.

You can take care of your day to day Xero bookkeeping and BAS or take advantage of our Supervisory service below or we can take care of all of your ongoing Xero bookkeeping and BAS.

Regular Xero Bookkeeping Services Northern Beaches Sydney – as little or as much as you need

  • We can set up your bookkeeping processes from scratch if needed
  • Review your current bookkeeping processes to check on ways to improve efficiency
  • General everyday bookkeeping
  • Enter and code your bills to pay – we use Receipt Bank for this which is very easy to use, all you have to do is take a photo of a receipt on your phone and we do the rest. Or you forward on any emails with bills attached to a specific email we give you. We do the rest.
  • Pay your bills if required or set up a batch payment for you to upload to the bank, it is really easy and quick to do, why not use the technology if it is available, then you can send out remittance advices quickly letting your suppliers know that they should be expecting your payment
  • Match your payments out of the bank to your bills in the system
  • Match up your payments coming into your bank account against your outstanding debtors or customer’s invoices
  • Follow up on outstanding debtors if required
  • Complete Bank reconciliations to make sure you have no missing or doubled up transactions on your bank feeds
  • Monitor your accounts receivable so you know who owes you money
  • Monitor your accounts payable so you know who you owe money to
  • Provide you with current financial information and reports so you understand how your business is performing
  • Assist with budgeting and cash flow
  • Customise your Xero quote or template so you are not having to double up
  • Complete our full BAS reconciliation at the end of each quarter
  • Prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) taking advantage of our four week time extension to lodge and pay
  • Provide information to your accountant so he/she can complete your year end tax return
  • Fixed price bookkeeping packages are available to assist with your budgeting and cashflow starting at $349 plus GST a month – reviewed after the first 3 months for accuracy

Cashflow and Budgeting

Would you like to really understand how to read your Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet?

Do you want to know where all of your money goes? Are you wondering what happened to that net profit figure if it is not in the bank account?

Would you like to know a good amount to put aside for your BAS or tax return?

We can help. Why not give us a call to find out more.

Payroll, Superannuation & STP

Work out what award to pay your employees under

Make sure you have the correct paperwork

Set up your employees correctly in Xero

Learn how to run payroll, STP and Superannuation in Xero

Catch-up Bookkeeping or Rescue Work Sydney Northern Beaches

We specialise in big or little catch up or rescue jobs.

Catch up on a couple of BAS quarters or a number of years.

We charge per quarter for our catch up work so you know exactly the amount it is going to cost you before we start. Payment is due in advance and can be paid in one lump sum or in instalments as the work progresses. Prices start from $650 plus GST per quarter dependant on a number of factors.

Supervisory Bookkeeping Services & BAS

If you prefer to take care of the regular reconciliations, we can review your accounts at the end of each quarter to check your codings.

We would then complete our full BAS reconciliation to make sure you are claiming all the GST you are entitled to.

We will give you feedback and a little training if necessary.

We would then prepare and lodge your BAS through our BAS agent portal letting you take advantage of our four week time extension to lodge and pay.

It usually takes us a minimum of two hours to check your bank reconciliations, check your codings and GST, provide feedback and ways to assist you going forward, prepare and complete our full BAS reconciliation, then prepare and lodge your BAS.

Accounting/Tax Agent Services

We work in partnership with your accountant/tax agent to make sure you claim every legitimate tax deductible expense possible.

If you do not currently have an accountant or are looking for a new one, we can recommend the one we like to work with knowing that he is very knowledgeable and understands small businesses’ needs.

He is always available to give us guidance and professional advice on anything we are not sure of.