Who Uses a Bookkeeper? Are they just for larger businesses?

18 Oct    Posts

Everybody uses a bookkeeper to take care of their finances and to lodge quarterly BAS, year end income tax returns, payroll processing, superannuation calculation and STP reporting. It may be the business owner, the wife or partner, an in-house bookkeeper or a contract bookkeeper or tax agent or accountant.

As a tradie, builder or small business owner, you would probably prefer to work in your business rather than on your accounts.

The last thing you want to do is come home from a hard day on the tools to a pile of receipts and other bookkeeping issues that need your urgent attention.

Builders and tradesmen also need to be aware of if and when they need to register for GST, how much money needs to be put aside for the GST, PAYG and income tax liability accruing whilst they go about their business earning money. No one likes a huge tax bill so it is best to be on top of your bookkeeping so you can see these figures very clearly on a current basis.

If you choose to use a contract bookkeeper like Northern Beaches Bookkeeping Solutions, they can set you up with an easy system to gather your paperwork and receipts. They will contact you when your quarterly BAS is due, request any other information they may need so they can prepare your BAS accurately and efficiently and on time. They will also let you know how much you need to pay and when so you are all up to date and fully compliant with no risk of any penalties or late fees.

A good bookkeeper is an investment in your business and an integral part of your business growth and success.

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