Mar 16

Being paid off the books is unlawful

Myth: Being paid off the books is OK. Fact: No, it’s not. If you’re being paid under the table (aka cash-in-hand), you’re probably:• being underpaid• missing out on superannuation• not meeting your tax obligations.It might also mean you’re not getting pay slips, which can make it harder to fix disputes about your pay.While it’s ok to get paid your wages in cash, make sure you’re on the books and getting a pay slip so you know you’re getting paid right and meeting your tax obligations.Check our pay info:

Mar 16

Have you been working from home?

Have you been working from home? 💻🏡 While you might not be able to claim your active wear (or inactive wear 😉), you can still claim 80c per work hour on working-from-home expenses until 30 June 2021!

All you need is a record of how many hours you’ve worked from home such as a timesheet, roster, diary or similar document.

For more info on claiming working-from-home expenses, visit…/deduction…/home-office-expenses/ See less

Mar 16

Working During Your Break

Are you asked to finish off some work while still eating your sandwich on a break? Have you been asked to do training while you’re on lunch? Are your toolbox talks held during a rest break? Sitting in a compulsory meeting or training session is considered work time – it’s not a proper rest or meal break. ⏰ You’re entitled to breaks according to the length of your shift and the rules in your award or enterprise agreement.Check out the rules on meal and rest breaks here:…/hours-of-work…/breaks