Jul 19

COVID-19 business support – 2021

The NSW Government will be offering financial support to businesses or not-for-profit organisations impacted by the recent COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

You can get notified on existing and upcoming financial support, including:

  • COVID-19 business grant: if you’re a business, sole trader or not-for-profit organisation impacted by the current Greater Sydney COVID-19 restrictions, you may be able to apply for a grant of up to $15,000.
  • JobSaver: a support program funded jointly by the NSW and Commonwealth governments to maintain employment of staff for small and medium businesses impacted by the current health restrictions.
  • Micro business grant: if you’re a micro business (small business or sole trader with annual turnover of more than $30,000 and under $75,000) impacted by the current Greater Sydney COVID-19 restrictions, you may be able to apply for a $1,500 payment per fortnight of restrictions from late July 2021.

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To help avoid delays in completing your application:

Mar 31

Northern Beaches small business hardship grant

If you are a small business owner or a not-for-profit located on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, and were impacted by the Public Health (COVID-19 Northern Beaches) Order 2020, you may be eligible for a one-off small business hardship grant of $3000 or $5000.

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Mar 16

Being paid off the books is unlawful

Myth: Being paid off the books is OK. Fact: No, it’s not. If you’re being paid under the table (aka cash-in-hand), you’re probably:• being underpaid• missing out on superannuation• not meeting your tax obligations.It might also mean you’re not getting pay slips, which can make it harder to fix disputes about your pay.While it’s ok to get paid your wages in cash, make sure you’re on the books and getting a pay slip so you know you’re getting paid right and meeting your tax obligations.Check our pay info: